Getting to know Faye Wenke

Faye Wenke

I began my personal healing journey in 1976 after facing many challenging life experiences.

I investigated and participated in a lot of personal development methods and workshops and this ultimately led me to discover and learn Reiki in the mid 1980’s. The experience was very powerful, and unlike anything I had experienced before!   I had discovered my passion!

I use Reiki regularly on myself which has been transformative and very supportive, assisting me to cope with life’s challenges and experiences.

Reiki gave me a wonderful way to understand and release what was holding me back and to open me to more of my full potential!

To act with wisdom instead of reacting to situations has been life-changing!  I feel calmer, more confident with enhanced vitality and health!

I love the simplicity of the healing system of Reiki Jin Kei Do and the fact that I can give treatments to myself anywhere anytime is a great bonus! I see Reiki as empowering and a preventative medicine, reducing stress and toxins, rejuvenating body mind and spirit!

After further intensive training to the master level, which I attained in 1990, I have been teaching Reiki full time. It has been a privilege to share Reiki with others – helping them to empower their own lives – opening hearts to love and healing!

I travel extensively within Australia and overseas – bringing many years of experience into my workshops.  My passion for Reiki and the results it can bring is ongoing!

“Faye is also available for individual Reiki treatments when she is in your area”