The Buddho System of Healing
The next step after 2nd Stage Reiki Jin Kei Do

The Buddho System of Healing is a complete health promoting system combining ancient meditation healing methods. This system promotes health by enhancing the natural ability of the body to heal thereby preventing susceptibility to disease. It helps to develop a calm mind with the powerful penetrative ability to see the processes that occur continually in the mind-body system.

A prerequisite is to have been initiated into 2nd Stage Reiki Jin Kei Do as this is a preparation to move into the vibration of the Buddho system.

An Energy Empowerment is given to further raise the vibrational energy to higher states and further enhance awareness of the subtle energy flow (or Chi) in the body.

As far as we know this unique system has never been in the Western world prior to its being taught to Dr Ranga Premaratna by the Venerable Seiji Takamori who uncovered this system when he spent almost 20 years in India, Tibet and Nepal.

The original name of the method is BUDDHO, which in the context of this system means “the energy of enlightenment,” or “the seed of enlightenment.” Just as a seed placed in the soil, watered, fertilised, protected and nurtured will grow into a healthy plant, so the seed of enlightenment is nourished by the Buddho System through a gradual realization of our energetic potential.

The Buddho System is not a religion or a belief system but a form of vibrational healing.

A 3 Cycle Buddho Meditation is taught which is a powerful form of self healing.  Symbols are used to focus on to enhance the meditation and healing aspect of the practice. The 3 Cycle Meditation includes a technique which can be used to enhance a Reiki treatment for others.

Chi Nadi exercises are taught and practiced.  Chi Nadi has some similarities to Tai Chi and Qigong but has an essential difference in that it does not have a martial arts background.  Chi Nadi was practiced by the monks, from whom Seiji learnt the Buddho System, for their strength and wellbeing.   It is a moving meditation and together with the 3 Cycle Buddho Meditation is a very balanced system. This system can enhance your flexibility, health and immune system. It also increases mental clarity and mindfulness. Chi Nadi is a self-healing practice in its own right. The exercises are simple and are modified for anyone with knee or other physical problems.

Perception of sensory stimuli is further developed during the practice of special meditations and ChiNadi exercises by focusing attention on physical, mental and emotional sensations and feelings accompanying the flow of energy.

There are significant direct links between The Buddho System of Healing and Reiki to state that Reiki is a subsequent simplification of this system which evolved as a practical self-healing technique anyone could practise without extensive experience in meditation. The origins of Reiki may also be recognised in other meditation and healing forms – Buddho may not be the only one.