Frequently Asked Questions

How is Reiki Jin Kei Do different to other Reiki practices?

The initiation or attunement process is different to other forms of Reiki and discovered, practiced and passed on by the Venerable Seiji Takemori. (Refer to Origins Of Reiki Jin Kei Do)

The form of treatment is also different.

There is an emphasis on compassion, awareness and meditation being practiced bringing wisdom into every aspect of your life.

There is a deep connection with the qualities of the lineage of this very ancient practice.

After completing and practicing 1st & 2nd Stage Reiki Jin Kei do you can go on to learn the Buddho System of Healing which is a unique and advanced form of healing also discovered by the Venerable Seiji Takemori and unique to this lineage.


How can I learn to do Reiki myself?

You can learn Reiki in a two day workshop.  You will be attuned to the vibration of Reiki, taught how to use it and you will never lose this ability!  It’s a precious gift you will be giving yourself!


Will Reiki interfere with medical treatment?

No – Reiki will not override the action of medical intervention but will support the patient through them.  During illness Reiki can reduce symptoms and speed the healing process.


Can Reiki be used during pregnancy?

Yes, Reiki can be used during pregnancy and the birthing process, helping to calm the mother and ease the pain.


What happens in a Reiki Jin Kei Do treatment?

You can receive a Reiki treatment sitting in a chair or lying on a massage table.  You are fully clothed and usually experience a sense of calm and deep relaxation.

The Practitioners hands are gently placed on you and around you.  You may be aware of warmth and a pulsing sensation in the Practitioners hands.

Reiki is very healing and rejuvenating!

The body’s own healing mechanism begins functioning more efficiently.

What will I learn in a 1st Stage Reiki workshop?

The 1st Stage workshop is non-residential and is held over a Friday evening and all day Saturday and Sunday. Friday is also a Free Introduction Evening open to anyone wishing to experience a short treatment and learn how Reiki may help them in their lives.

Over the weekend you will receive four separate energy empowerments given by Faye.. What treatments will I learn?

You will be taught and experience giving yourself a Reiki treatment as well as giving and receiving seated and lying-down treatments. Simple meditation techniques will also be taught.

At the completion of the course you will receive a comprehensive manual with all relevant information and a 1st Stage certificate.
It is a very empowering and healing weekend!


Can children learn Reiki?

Yes, children can learn Reiki. For timing and requirements contact Faye.


Do I have to have any previous experience in healing to learn Reiki?

No you don’t have to have any previous healing experience.


What are the stages of Reiki Jin Kei Do training?
The stages are:
1st Stage Reiki
2nd Stage Reiki
1st Stage Buddho
2nd Stage Buddho
Reiki master
Buddho master


How do I book for a workshop?

Each workshop is conducted by Faye but co-ordinated by different people. So to book for a Workshop, please visit the Workshops Page and follow the directions for the person to contact for each Workshop.

What is the lineage of Reiki Jin Kei Do and where does Faye fit in?

Dr Mikao Usui
1865 – 1926

Dr Chujiro Hayashi
1879 – 1940

The Venerable Takeuchi
(we don’t have dates)

The Venerable Seiji Takamori
1907 – 1992

Dr Ranga Premaratna
1957 – present

Faye Wenke
1946 – present

What is the Buddho System of Healing?

This is the ancient system of healing discovered by Seiji Takamori and can be learnt by students who have completed 1st & 2nd Stage Reiki Jin Kei Do and wish to go deeper with their healing practice.


What would I learn in 1st Stage Buddho?

An Energy Empowerment is given to further raise the vibrational energy to higher states and further enhance awareness of the subtle energy flow (or Chi) in the body.

A 3 Cycle Buddho Meditation is taught which is a powerful form of self healing.  Symbols are used to focus on to enhance the meditation and healing aspect of the practice. The 3 Cycle Meditation includes a technique which can be used to enhance a Reiki treatment for others.

Chi Nadi exercises are taught and practiced.

Chi Nadi has some similarities to Tai Chi and Qigong but has an essential difference in that it does not have a martial arts background.

Chi Nadi was practiced by the monks, from whom Seiji learnt the Buddho System, for their strength and wellbeing.

The Chi Nadi sequence of exercises is like a simple combination of Tai Chi and Qigong.  It is a moving meditation and together with the 3 Cycle Buddho Meditation is a very balanced system. This system can enhance your flexibility, health and immune system.

It also increases mental clarity and mindfulness.

Chi Nadi is a self-healing practice in its own right.

The exercises are simple and are modified for anyone with knee problems etc.