What is Reiki?

Reiki is an ancient, simple, non-invasive and deeply relaxing hands- on healing method.

The gentle energy flow of Reiki allows the body, mind, emotions and spirit to come into more balance and harmony.

Reiki is also used extensively for animals and plants.

Reiki is not a religion or belief system and can be learnt at any age, regardless of your health and with no previous healing experience.

It is a simple yet powerful way to detoxify your system and also assist in healing and rejuvenating your body!

You can use this method to treat yourself or to give treatments to others.

It is not a religion or belief system but a universal method of healing.

Reiki will not interfere with medication or any other form of healing.

Reiki can be received from someone else or it can be learned so you can practise Reiki on yourself.

How can Reiki help me?

Reiki is very relaxing and reduces stress in the body and mind.

It accelerates healing on all levels and reduces pain.

Reiki is a simple hands-on healing method you can give to yourself when injured or feeling out of balance – the energy of Reiki supports and balances your life physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Reiki is very beneficial when used in palliative care.

It assists in detoxifying the body after chemotherapy, radiation and medication.

It assists in building healthy relationships with partners, family, friends and work colleagues.

Reiki  can be used on it’s own but also complements orthodox medicine or any other form of healing.