“Reiki in a general sense may be described as the force behind every living thing. It is the essential substance that keeps life in motion. Therefore, in the broadest sense, Reiki is life itself.”
Dr Ranga Premaratna

“Reiki cultivates the ability to live your life
with compassion and wisdom”
Faye Wenke
“Through Reiki one becomes connected to the spiritual nature of the universe and as we experience this subtle energy we realize we always had this ability inherent in us.”
Dr Ranga Premaratna
“Peace - does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work. It means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart.”

What is Reiki Jin Kei Do?

Reiki Jin Kei Do represents the lineage of Reiki originating with Mikao Usui and enriched and developed by the Venerable Seiji Takamori after spending almost 20 years in India Tibet and Nepal including ancient teachings and healing methods.

This was further refined by Dr Ranga Premaratna.  Meditation is practiced to enhance energy awareness and to transform our conditioned thoughts and responses cultivating wisdom and compassion in our lives.

Meet Faye

Faye began her personal healing journey in 1976 after facing many challenging life experiences.

Having investigated and participated in a lot of personal development methods and workshops, Faye was ultimately led to discover and learn Reiki in the mid 1980’s. Faye’s Reiki experience was very powerful, and unlike anything she had experienced before!


Faye conducts Reiki Jin Kei Do Workshops around Australia.
The workshops are held in stages over weekends from Friday evening through to Sunday evening.

To find out when upcoming workshops have been scheduled, please visit the workshops page or click the button below.